Alpha-Biz is your #1 source for business money!


Our process is quick, simple and easy. Whether you need equipment, quick money or have a project in mind, we can help! 


Our Solutions Include:

  • Equipment Financing & Leasing
  • Start-up Business Financing 
  • Franchise Financing
  • Working Capital options
  • Emergency Business funds 
  • HOA/Community Financing 
  • Educational System Lending
  • Soft Cost Financing (Shipping/Delivery Costs)*
  • POS/Alarm/Video/Software System programs
  • Non-profit/Religious Organization discount programs
  • Agriculture Finance 
  • International Financing options


In addition, we understand today's business owner and don't expect everybody to have a perfect credit FICO score or even close! 


We offer Flexible finance options, with transparent, fixed monthly payments that you can build your business plan around. 

Low Initial Cost- No down payment required in some cases! **

Quick, Same Day Approval!

Preserves your capital, you use someone else's money to build -your- business!

Easy, Hassle-free Electronic document signing! 




Why would I use Alpha-Biz to help grow my business, or start my business? 

We offer you financial solutions that traditional and commercial banks will not. We believe in small and middle business America and know that without the right funding, a business can face a great difficulty and obstacle. That is why we work with a myriad and ranges of credit scores from the 500s to the 800 Fico scores. Business lending can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. At Alpha, we've taken the guesswork and hard work out of it. Completely! We also offer "Credit Conscious" financing, meaning we don't beat up your credit while we find you the solution you are looking for. 

What IS equipment financing or leasing? 

Equipment financing and leasing are defined as any methods of extending capital to businesses for the purpose of acquiring equipment. Financing methods include equipment leasing, SBA and other gov. loans.  as well as sale lease-back wherein the collateralized existing eqiupment is used to raise cash for additional purchases. 

How does your Equipment Finance program work? 

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What sets Alpha apart from other companies that offer similar or the same products? 

That answer is simple- it comes down to the way we do business. Just as in every industry, there are industry leaders and followers. And the reason we set ourselves aside from other companies is our professionalism and 'can-do' attitude towards every business owner. This, combined with our creative financing options and credit expertise set us apart from the other guys at the end of the day. We are in the People and Money business. We understand people. We know money. We speak business! 

What is the difference between equipment LEASING v. FINANCING? 

Although 'Leasing' generally refers to the act of renting a property or vehicle, that is not necessarily the case in our industry. Many times, businesses use our leasing options to buy the equipment they need and business owners refer to leasing when they mean financing. We offer many options to get you what you need, specifically for your business, whether you want to actually lease equipment or buy it.  We lay all of our programs that fit out for you to choose what you are most comfortable with. 

What is the difference between going through Alpha and using my local bank down the street? 

Many commercial banks do not want to lend to risky, start-up business operations or even established businesses that need money. They tend to want a proven success track record which can be very discouraging to business owners. We always recommend speaking with your banker, however, unless you have a very strong relationship with your bank and hefty balances in their accounts, and even then turn down most that apply- especially when dealing with start-ups. Many new and exciting business ventures don't have the history of success for banks to feel comfortable lending in them, either. Banks tend to generally require financial documentation, taxes, business plans, and many other items prior to even considering your application. We understand that can be frustrating.

 At Alpha, we lend up to $75,000 on just an application, without asking for all of those things. We work with all types of credit, whereas banks tend to also be a lot more credit 'picky'. With Alpha, our resources allow us to 'think outside of the box' and work with business owners and businesses that commercial and local banks generally will not! In addition, our paperwork process and modern technology allow us to gather your signatures from anywhere in the country, without having you ever step foot in a branch or bank office. 

What kind of credit do I need to qualify? 

We work with all credit scores and even have follow up programs in place to be notified when you are 'credit-ready' to proceed with our programs, should you ever be declined. However, we ongoingly approve many business owners in the 500-600 Fico range. Every day, new business owners are calling and getting the money they need for their new business. 

How long does your process take? 

When dealing with Working Capital, there are exceptions, however, in most cases and equipment purchases, funding takes 24-48 hours from the moment we have completed the process. Most equipment purchases take anywhere from 2-5 business days in most cases. 

Am I locked into anything? 

No. Way before making a commitment or choosing a finance plan that works for you, you will have gotten full terms and conditions from the bank for your specific transaction, including payback options and term length. You will have had a credit manager review your file and provide specific credit info as it relates to the lending you are seeking. In other words, you will know exactly what is expected of you in order to receive what you are asking for. Plain & simple. 

What if I want equipment from 2 or more separate vendors/equipment companies? 

That is not a problem. We can finance up to 4 vendors on smaller to medium sized deals. Larger deals can contain up to 10 vendors in total. 

Where is Alpha-Biz Financial located? 

Our main headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. However, Alpha-Biz Financial works with businesses all over the United States as well as internationally. Denver just happens to be our home. 

What are the tax benefits to using Equipment Leasing? 

We are not CPA's but we do know there are tons of benefits that affect you positively. You should discuss these with your Certified Public Accountant. Mention Section 179 to him/her. 

What terms do you offer? 

Actual terms depend on each individual approval, however, generally we offer 1-5 year repayment terms with fixed monthly payments. 

Do I have to ever go anywhere or meet anybody to do this? 

No. Our entire process is streamlined and electronic so that you do not have to ever go to a location or meet us in person. We make this easy. 

What if I'm not happy with the equipment I received? 

Our programs have your security and success in mind. We do not finalize our transactions until you have received, inspected and verbally authorized your satisfaction with the product you have purchased for your business. 

What types of equipment can I finance/lease?

  • Business Signage and Branding

  • Playground Equipment

  • Corporate Aircraft

  • PCs and Workstations

  • Kitchen/Commercial Cooking equipment

  • Fitness and Exercise machines

  • Audio/Visual equipment

  • Industrial MFG Labelers/Presses/Bottling Equipment

  • Gymnastics/Exercise Equipment

  • Automotive Industry

  • Most anything else you need for your business!*

  • Manufacturing equipment

  • Wholesale/Retail

  • Agriculture

  • Dental / Medical Equipment

  • Salon/Barbershop & Beauty Equipment

  • Entertainment, Carnival and Amusement industries

  • Vehicles, Trailers, Food Trucks, Trucks

  • Office Machines

  • Video game trailers

  • Excavators, Diggers, Drills, Oil field equipment, Construction

  • POS/Alarm/Software systems

  • Computers/Electronics