We partner and work closely with many equipment companies, manufacturers, and industry leaders every day to collaborate and deliver "money solutions" to business owners of all types/industries. Our #1 Goal is to always work directly with a customer/client as an absolute extension of YOUR business, so that we don't miss a beat with the business owner. 

We thrive due to our professionalism, simplified approach to doing business, and complete transparency. In today's world of Business Finance, things can get pretty complicated quickly. That is why we started our company- to produce business finance solutions that made sense to all of the other business owners in America like you & I. 

By Becoming a Vendor and partnering with Alpha-Biz Financial:

  • You'll see an increase in your bottom-line sales and daily profit. By offering financing, you get more YES's than before. 
  • We provide flexible, user-friendly purchase options and approaches to buying YOUR product. 
  • You receive 100% Prefunding and get paid before you even ship your equipment, in most cases! 
  • Receive funding quickly, in most cases within 24-48 hours after customer completes process.
  • You gain access to a whole new market of customers that you were not reaching before
  • Receive easy, simple wire transfers into your business account for ease & convenience. 
  • You only open your business to more Success
  • You never have to screen clients or potential leads that want to apply. Simply send us their info and we take it from there! 
  • You not only gain a Finance Partner, but an actual client/customer source as we work with business owners in your industry daily and are asked for equipment finance company referrals daily! 

How does the process work? 

It's simple. When you are on the phone or meeting with a client/customer/potential customer that is interested in financing your equipment as an option, you simply refer them to us through email, application, phone, or any other means of communication. We take it from there.